thank you so much for posting the video!!
- Anonymous

You’re so welcome! :)

Apr 23rd
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Woo hoo. A bit fast, she walked to the other side & talked to them

Per request by anon - Catherine beating William in a sailing race in New Zealand.

where's the video from the boat race in nz where wills says "the cambridge guns broke the grinder"? i can't seem to find it....
- Anonymous

I tried to find it on YouTube earlier and I couldn’t. Then I remembered I had it saved to my computer. Hang on, I’ll post it.

Apr 23rd
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keepingupwiththeroyals replied to your post “William’s sense of humor is so dry and so maybe that’s why people…”

Will is a great example of British dry humor.

I love British dry humor. One of my favorite things.

William’s sense of humor is so dry and so maybe that’s why people don’t think he’s funny but I just watched a bunch of videos for that gifset and I think he’s fucking hilarious okay

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