Kate enjoys a day off with her son George

Chapter Twenty-Six 


Chapter Twenty-Six

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I just love these two so much!!!!!!

Apr 20th
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I totes agree with your assessment. W+K are so goofy when the cameras are gone. LOL They look so normal in that pick just strolling along holding hands. I guess that's why Will always holds his hands when they take pics at events, so he won't grab her hand or waist, bc that's not what the engagements are about. Awww I love their love.
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I can’t even handle them anymore. Hahahaha. They have gone and killed me today. 

The video just came out of her clicking her heels together and now I can live happily ever after.

Apr 20th
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Clicking her heels in Oz.. 



Apr 20th
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge strolling the grounds of Government House in Canberra, April 21, 2014

William and Kate strolling the grounds of Government House in Canberra

Ravishing the Royals

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